Emma Watson in Regression

Alejandro Amenábar, despite having made only a few films, has quite the resume. One of his early features was remade by Cameron Crowe as Vanilla Sky, and he directed The Sea Inside (which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, and helped introduce Javier Bardem to global audiences) and The Others.

Now he returns this year with a new film called Regression. The crime thriller stars Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson in a story where Watson plays a young woman who accuses her father of a horrific crime, of which he has no memory. The first image of the pair (above) has just been released. It’s not a cheery image, but the return of Amenábar is a good thing indeed.

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Agora Movie Trailer


Five years after The Sea Inside, Alejandro Amenábar travels back to an ancient civilization with his latest film, Agora. We ran a teaser for this a couple months back, but there’s a full-length domestic trailer available now, which encapsulates the story of Hypatia of Alexandria (Rachel Weisz) during the onset of Christianity in the Roman Empire. The film features some impressive production design, but does it have any other highlights? Check the trailer after the jump. Read More »

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