I know I’ve already said in previous posts that I’d be leaving all of the Sundance updates to Peter seeing as he’s actually there and I’m here, half a world away in Oxford, England, and only dreaming of Skiing, Mormons and four-films-a-day exhaustion, but this one is of particular interest to me so I wanted to chip in on it.  I’m not sure if there’s more to this story than meets the eye, or if there’s even less, but either way I think it warrants discussion.

Last night, Paul Solet‘s horror film Grace was premiered at The Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah. During the question and answer session after the film, one of the festival volunteers declared “Must have been a good movie because we had two people faint during the screening”; sometime later, the film’s producer, Adam Green, sent an e-mail to ShockTillYouDrop, thus: “Two faints. One outside and one in the lobby. Egyptian owner confirmed that in 10 years it’s the first time it’s happened. Amazing screening.”

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Hatchet Movie Trailer


I remember when going to a comic-con meant you were going to see something new and special. Something not available online for anyone to see. That day is gone. The teaser trailer for Hatchet was supossed to make it’s grand premiere at the New York City Comic Con this weekend, but has already turned up online. They didn’t even wait till Monday. If I were going to Comic-con, I’d be pissed. But since I’m not there, I’m glad to have this video.

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