Are you smart, a bit weird and in love with movies? Then Rango is the animated film for you. Hell, it wants to be you. This often delightful western re-teams director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp; for a treasure trove of anthropomorphized animal characters and animated eye candy that (gasp!) eschews the 3D fad for gold old-fashioned 2D. Rango‘s love of movies — and reliance on one classic in particular — may go a little overboard in the end, but I can hardly fault Gore Verbinski for making something that dares to be odd, and plays to the audience in his own head rather than a studio focus group. You won’t see an animated Hunter S. Thompson in a DreamWorks film. Read More »


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Director Gary Ross knows, the studio knows, the author knows and the fans definitely know. Without an amazing actress in the lead role of Katniss Everdeen, the film adaptation of the popular book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins will be a failure. In the past, Ross has said Lionsgate wasn’t pressuring him to cast a movie star in the role and that the actress had to bring a “deep and fierce” truth to the role. With that in mind, two recent Oscar-nominees seem to both be in contention.

At the Oscars, True Grit star and Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld confirmed that she had met with Ross to discuss the role and now Lainey Gossip is reporting that another Oscar-nominee, Winter’s Bone and X-Men: First Class star Jennifer Lawrence, has already read for the role. Read more about each after the break. Read More »

We’ll keep this one quick because, well, it’s another casting report about New Year’s Eve, the sorta-spinoff romcom from Valentine’s Day director Garry Marshall. The film already has Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Michelle Pfeiffer, Abigail Breslin, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, Seth Meyers, Til Schweiger and Sienna Miller set to appear.

Now The Wrap says that Josh Duhamel has signed on, but doesn’t specify his role. I know you’re on pins and needles. But wait! THR comes to the rescue, verifying that report and adding that he’ll be one of the leads, “a hopeless romantic who spends the day trying to get to New York in the hope of getting to a party in order to re-meet a mystery girl from the previous year.” Meanwhile Ice ‘Fuck tha Police’ Cube is in talks to play a NYPD cop who is working in some capacity with Hilary Swank’s character, the director of the Times Square celebration. And Ryan Seacrest has the best role of all: himself.

The multi-thread romcom New Year’s Eve (a sorta spin-off from last year’s Valentine’s Day) has quite the cast. So far Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Lea Michele and more
are all set to get paid for doing a couple weeks of work on the film.

Now Jon Bon Jovi, SNL Weekend Updater Seth Meyers and Inglorious Basterd Til Schweiger are all signing on for a check, too. Read More »

Despite earning a nice little fanbase for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and forgetting to wear any clothes in The Informers, Amber Heard‘s closest thing to a break-out moment probably remains her bit part as the first zombie encountered by Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland.

Now she’ll appear as “a stalker student” in The Applicant, a thriller to be directed by Eric Bross. This is from Arclight Films, the same company (essentially) behind the sci-fi Shakespeare film Henry 5. The script, by Jeff Rothberg and Francis X McCarthy, is about “an underage prep school senior obsessed with admission to Yale who will stop at nothing to get her way, including seducing and ruining the life of an admissions director with connections to a top Yale professor.” Hopefully, by the time this is shot, we’ll have had a chance to see Amber Heard in The Rum Diary, opposite Johnny Depp; she’s also in Drive Angry and And Soon the Darkness. [Screen Daily]

After the break, another actor gets paid on New Year’s Day. Read More »

Teaser Trailer: Gore Verbinski’s Rango


Paramount Pictures has released the first movie trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski’s computer animated feature film Rango. Based on an original idea by Verbinski, Rango is scripted by The Aviator scribe John Logan. Johnny Depp stars as an “chameleon with an identity crisis.” PRevious information has stated that Rango  is “a oddly charismatic household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.” The movie co-stars Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, and Timothy Olyphant as The Spirit of the West.

But the most interesting thing about this new project is that Industrial Light & Magic will be doing the animation using “cutting edge techniques” that Verbinski has said, “will allow us to capture and translate every aspect of Johnny’s performance, using it to drive the computer-generated character in a way that has yet to be seen in an animated feature.” Basically it sounds like Verbinski has gone the way of Robert Zemeckis.

The trailer, embedded after the jump, doesn’t really show us much. It’s more of a “what the fuck did I just see” kind of teaser trailers. Watch it now after the jump and please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Zombieland International Movie Trailer


A bunch of trailers have been released thus far for Zombieland: Teaser trailer, Red Band Trailer, and a Comic-Con Trailer. Today Sony Pictures International has released an international trailer, which focuses on one of the best part of the clever screenplay – the rules of surviving in Zombieland, before it goes into the awesome theme park action clips. If you’ve seen the previous trailers, then you know what to expect. The more footage I see from this film, the more excited I am to see this film (which I believe will happen at Fantastic Fest in Austin). So without further delay, check out the new international trailer, embedded after the jump. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Emma Stone on Zombieland

Back in March, Columbia Pictures invited /Film and a few select other online sites to the set of Zombieland, short film and commercial director Ruben Fleischer‘s feature film debut — a zombie buddy comedy roadtrip adventure film. We posted a video blog set visit report on Tuesday morning and will be following with a series of roundtable interviews we conducted on set over the course of our visit.

Below is an interview with Emma Stone, who most of you will know from Superbad. In Zombieland she plays Wichita, who is traveling through “Zombieland” with her little sister played by Abigail Breslin.

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Zombieland Set Visit Video Blog


Back in March, Columbia Pictures invited /Film and a few select other online sites to the set of Zombieland, short film and commercial director Ruben Fleischer‘s feature film debut — a zombie buddy comedy road-trip adventure film.

I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much going in. I mean, what do you expect from a movie titled Zombieland? But what I saw over the course of being on set for 14-15 hours definitely excited me about the production. This is a small film by budget standards, but a large film in scale. They were able to accomplish this by filming in Atlanta Georgia, where new tax incentives have made it possible for Hollywood to film a large scale zombie film without having to make cutbacks on things like the hordes of zombies.

The scene we witnessed being shot took place in a large strip mall store which was recreated to look like a giant supermarket. It’s one of those strange Hollywood things where you’re walking down the frozen food isle which looks so real before you realize all the boxes are fake. They were shooting a sequence where Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg’s character’s arrive at the supermarket looking for food, but first must make sure there are no zombies hiding out in the frozen meat section (which of course, there are — as seen in the trailer.
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