Much as we like to bemoan the lack of originality in mainstream cinema, the fact is that movies tied to existing properties do big business. Sony’s three biggest hits so far this year have been 21 Jump Street, Men in Black 3, and The Amazing Spider-Man — based on a 25-year-old TV series, a 15-year-old sci-fi blockbuster, and a 60-year-old comic book character, respectively — so it’s no surprise that the studio plans to keep a good thing going with sequels to all three of those films. And quickly: According to Sony exec Douglas Belgrad, 21 Jump Street 2 could begin shooting in just a few months.

But they’re not just looking to this past year to help fill out the upcoming slate. Sony’s also reportedly developing a reboot of Jumanji, the 1995 picture adapted from the 1981 children’s book. Hit the jump to read Belgrad’s comments on Men in Black 4, 21 Jump Street 2, and the new Jumanji. (Head here for more on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.)

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This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam discuss the promising film career of Seth MacFarlane, wonder at the messed up nature of Elfen Lied, mourn the loss of a talented director, and lament the state of 3D Blu-Rays. Special guest Joanna Robinson joins us from Pajiba.

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21 Jump Street is a movie about adult cops pretending to be high school students in order to take down a burgeoning drug ring. It is a movie about a grand array of familiar high school stereotypes, and how in the end they are all bullshit. 21 Jump Street is also a riotously funny, gleefully excessive comedy. The idea seems to be “since someone is going to update this property sooner or later, let’s have more fun with it than they would.” The result is a small movie full of big silliness, and one that made me want to see more comic turns from co-star Channing Tatum. Read More »

In this bonus episode, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley discuss two fantastic new releases out this weekend: 21 Jump Street and Undefeated. Also: Peter Sciretta returns to the /Filmcast!

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller immediately marked themselves as filmmakers to watch with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, a sweet family CG comedy. So naturally, for their sophomore effort, they attempted to something completely different. 21 Jump Street is rowdy and live-action, and yet it retains much of the same heart and humor that made their first go-round such a hit. It’s no wonder they keep landing such intriguingly offbeat projects — the duo are now set to helm Warner Bros.’ Lego film and something called Bob the Musical, as well as produce Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers.

During the recent press junket for 21 Jump Street, the pair sat down with /Film to discuss their upcoming projects, the difficulties of transitioning into live action, their “chickenshit” fear of moving into drama, and Lord’s nefarious strategy to make sure Miller needs him forever. Read the full transcript after the jump.

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Incredibly, the rumors are true. 21 Jump Street is one of the funniest comedies of the last few years. Which is more than shocking considering it came out of an idea the world initially rolled its eyes at: rebooting a Nineties TV show best known for launching the career of Johnny Depp. The success can be placed on the shoulders of several people. To name a few: directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller; producer and star Jonah Hill, his co-star Channing Tatum, and the man who wrote the script, Michael Bacall.

Bacall also wrote Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the recent Project X and combined his wit and humor with Hill’s to create this over the top, hilarious, action-packed romp. I recently spoke with Bacall about that collaboration, some of the script’s more surprising decisions, writing in the framework of pop culture, that not-so-secret cameo, what he’s learned from Quentin Tarantino and more. If you’re a fan of the film, there’s a ton of great behind the scenes info after the jump. Read More »

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With just ten days left until the release of 21 Jump Street, the marketing folks are ramping up their efforts with an extended red-band trailer that clocks in at nearly five minutes. Some of it is stuff we’ve already seen in the previous trailers, but there’s a good amount of new stuff as well, including trippy, drug-induced hallucinations and Channing Tatum miming a lightsaber fight with his teen nerd crew. Watch the video (NSFW for language) after the jump.

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Just a day after WonderCon revealed their full schedule of panels, three additions have been made. And they’re awesome.

Not surprisingly, the hilarious 21 Jump Street is celebrating its opening weekend at the event and Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man has been added to line up. Very surprisingly, though, WonderCon audiences will also get their first look at Rian Johnson‘s Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and others.

The event takes place from March 16-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Read the full descriptions below. Read More »

Attendees of South by Southwest 2012 are in for a treat. 130 feature films will screen at the Austin, Texas festival taking place March 9-17. Among them are 65 World Premieres, 17 North American Premieres and 10 U.S. Premieres. The organization already announced Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods would open the festival (the movie is phenomenal) and today the majority of the remaining line up has been revealed. One of the highlights is the unbelievably smart and hilarious 21 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller. Both of those are World Premieres.

Other highlights include The Hunter, Killer Joe, The Babymakers, frankie goes boom, God Bless America, The Imposter, The Raid, Bernie and Casa de mi Padre just to name a few.

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