Philip Herman needs to get hired on the David Slade Daredevil movie. Look at this great piece of Cool Vibe art he did of DD vs. Kingpin.

Image Comics has joined the ComiXology app so you can ready their comics electronically. Thanks to Tuaw.

We’re still at the point where these Facebook comics are funny. However it’s getting dangerously close to being over. For now, though, this comic that shows Batman stalking Robin is still pretty comical. Head over to Dorkly (via Nerd Approved) to read the rest.

IGN has an interesting article that surmises Dexter, the Showtime serial killer show, is pretty much just a superhero show. They make some great points.

Cool Toy Review has a write up on Kotobukiya’s new Captain America.

Josh Dallas, who plays Fandrall in Thor, spoke to IGN Movies and confirmed he’ll be back for Thor 2 and seems to think Patty Jenkins is a lock to direct. Read more at that link, but here’s a quote:

We are! We are planning a return to Asgard, next year. Thor 2 is happening. A great director called Patty Jenkins is directing the sequel. Ken [Branagh] is not directing, which is obviously a huge shame, because he came in and created that world and created the language and the look of the whole thing. But he’s kind of set it all up for us and I think he’s staying on as a producer. But yeah, there’s going to be some more adventures in the Nine Realms.

This would be more exciting if it was real but Papaninja has drawn this buxom Steampunk Wonder Woman via My Confined Space.

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