The Gotham City Police are in hot pursuit of the evil Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to Comic Book Movie.

[No photo]

Maybe that video is in relation to this photo, which is one of many that surfaced over on Superhero Hype (via CBM). They seem to show Batman on the Batpod investigating a body on the street (a police officer? Catwoman?) and then a bunch of police cars show up. There are more photos and a video at that link.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for another set of videos, such as this one, from the same chase in The Dark Knight Rises.

Both Batman-News as well as Coming Soon have some other ones but, at this point, I think you get the idea.

More Dark Knight Rises vehicle action above. Bleeding Cool captured some photos and this video of a helicopter lifting and flying the new Batwing.

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