Gamma Squad has a new gallery of cosplay all themed around zombies, specifically, The Walking Dead.

Julie Newmar, the actress who played Catwoman on the original Batman TV show, spoke to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex about the differences between her character and the people who’ve played it since:

This is what I get from people when they talk to me about the original Catwoman and compare it to the latter ones,” Newmar said. “I think people prefer the more humorous one, the lighter one. People seem to complain that the recent ones are too dark in spirit. But that’s what reflects what’s going on. That’s what film and acting and everything is. … I don’t envy someone that has to play Batman or Catwoman today. It was a heck of a lot more fun when Adam West and I did it.

Comic Book Movie found this awesome Brazilian X-Men First Class Blu-ray case. The Magneto helmet slides off the side, obviously.

Wonder Con 2011 took place recently and Fashionably Geek posted this cosplay photo of Batman through the generations.

Deviant Artist VonToten (via Geek Tyrant) has done this piece of art of all the Batman villains. It’s called We’re All Batsy in the Belfry.

What Culture has attempted to come up with the Top 10 Comic Book Arcade Games. However, the X-Men game (above) is somehow ranked #7. How is that possible?

With the new Action Comics being released soon, promising a more vulnerable Superman, io9 has come up with a list of the 8 superheroes whose superpowers have become crappier. One example is the time when The Thing became human again and was replaced by Luke Cage, above.


Yesterday, we ran some rumors that a major villain in The Avengers is called Leviathan and now, Comic Book Movie had got their hands on several call sheets, including the one above, that confirm it’s a CG creature. The plot thickens.

Clark Gregg did a little musing to Crave Online about what his character, Agent Coulson, has to do in The Avengers:

That’s it! I’m taking down the Skrull armada single-handed! I’m just kidding. “Skrull armada single-handed…” No, they’re Kree! No, I’m just kidding. Yes, there’s definitely new stuff. Much different, new stuff for Agent Coulson to do in this one. You know, it’s kind of “all hands on deck” in terms of combating the threat that has shown up. And Joss… Joss is a master at taking what we know about each one of these characters, the superheroes and Agent Coulson, and building on what’s already there.

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