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Enough Avengers, how about some Batman? Here’s a photo of Anne Hathaway fighting a thug in The Dark Knight Rises thanks to Just Jared. Who is the kid?

Comic Book Movie has a detailed description of what exactly is going on in The Dark Knight Rises scene above.

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And CBM also has this cool photo (and more) of a blocked tunnel in Christopher Nolan‘s new film.

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/Film reader Aaron F also sent in a few images from that same Dark Knight Rises set. This photos gives a great idea of the scope of it, and he also confirmed that Anne Hathaway was there with the Batpod (center).

Comic Book Movie also found this video of the scene in question being shot.

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The Man of Steel Facebook Page (via CBM) has confirmed a cool tidbit. The Daily Planet building in Man of Steel will, reportedly, but the same building Christopher Nolan used for Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

If you’re curious what Christopher Meloni looks like in Man of Steel, head over to this page on Comic Book Movie to see him pose with some fans. It’s not very exciting but I figured I’d mention it.

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