99.9% a typo but on the download page for The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer on the PlayStation Network, run by Sony who is also making the movie, you’ll see Christoph Waltz listed as a cast member. Probably just a botched copy/paste job from The Green Hornet but, it could be interesting. Thanks to Superhero Hype via Comic Book Movie.

I’m not sure if this is creepy, hot or some combination of both but Nerd Bastards has created a list of the 10 Ten Female Comic Book Character Asses. It’s slightly NSFW but it’s all illustrated.

I don’t advocate you actually donate money to this guy, unless you really want to, but a man has started a Kickstarter account to try and actually become Batman. Geeks of Doom got the scoop.

Maybe you don’t like the movie likenesses that Sideshow Collectibles makes. Maybe you’re more of a comic book guy. Well then $350 is a small price to pay for this huge Joker figure.

Nerd Bastards found all eleven deleted scenes from Thor and embedded them on their site. The write up says the load times are insanely long so I’m gonna just direct you over there instead of embedding here.

Batmobiles from Tim Burton‘s 1989 Batman are a dime a dozen but few are this nice or famous. This Batmobile, which was in Superhero Bits months ago, is turbine powered, runs on an iPad and much more and can be yours for only $620,000 dollars. Head to eBay to read this specs, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

Plenty of celebrities write comic books. Who are the 10 nerdiest? Topless Robot has created a list.

Skottie Young has done some interesting looking comic character interpretations such as this Ghost Rider above. See more at his site or Geek Tyrant.


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