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Why haven’t we seen many photos of Iron Man on the set of The Avengers? Because he wasn’t there. Comic Book Movie posted this photo, among others, of an actor (not Robert Downey Jr.) in a motion capture suit that’ll later be made into Iron Man. But wait, there’s more.

How about a video for good measure? Comic Book Movie has this video and another of Iron Man fighting god-knows-what on the set of The Avengers. Great stuff.

/Film reader Zack Parks alerted us to his Comic Book Movie article where a friend of his, Rick Kinkade, got to meet Joss Whedon by winning an auction. He found out that Whedon wanted the Wasp in the film and that late actress Joan Leslie (above), who was in Yankee Doodle Dandy, will be digitally placed in the movie as Captain America’s girlfriend in an opening montage at the beginning of the film. Very curious how that’ll work since Cap was frozen. Read more at the link.

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More from The Avengers: Superhero Hype has new set photos showing the inside of a recent set. Odds are this is the place terrorized by Loki last week.

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