Jared Krichevsky - Rhino

There’s also a bunch of Rhino concept art, some that was used in the movie and some that wasn’t. Above is by Jared Krichevsky and click here for John Park.

MoviePilot (via GeekTyrant) ran some photos from what looks to be a deleted post credits sequence from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Mystique new Poster

Fox has released over 20 new posters for X-Men Days of Future Past, but they’re just the Empire Magazine covers with a new background.

Oh the internet. They’ve created a petition to see an extended cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, via Schmoes Know.

A trailer for the big new Marvel Comics storyline, Original Sin.

Movies.com has a great featuring comparing the Spider-Man comics to similar moments in the movies.

IGN has a cool history of Doctor Strange video.

A fun look back to Wizard Magazine‘s fantasy X-Men casting well before the first movie.

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