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Before the Trailer has some very cool set photos from Man of Steel. We’ve got flipped cars, crashed cars, the infamous bank safe and even the chairs of star Kevin Costner and director Zack Snyder‘s wife/producer Debbie Snyder. Head to the site for more photos.

Benedict Cumberland, who you might know from Sherlock or will know from The Hobbit, is rumored to be up for “an unknown role in future Marvel Studios film.” Doctor Strange possibly? The rumor comes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page via CBM.

Andrew Garfield did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about some of his physical inspirations in getting the movements in The Amazing Spider-Man down. Muhammad Ali, Ronaldo, and a certain Oscar winning documentary:

Man on Wire was something I wanted to capture in playing Spider-Man. The feeling that it gave me of this human being giving something so spectacular and hopeful and magical to a mass of people for nothing other than generosity.

He also talked about wearing a skin tight suit and not making the crotch area too obvious or offensive:

There has to be because it’s got to be handled with sensitivity. It has to be non-offensive, which takes some tools. I don’t think it should be the main attraction of the costume. I don’t think it should be what people are focusing on.

Speaking of Garfield, he’ll be appearing on Broadway this March in Death of a Salesman opposite Phillip Seymour Hoffman, according to Deadline.

Here’s a video from a Man of Steel Facebook page (via Comic Book Resources) of the Kent’s, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, in Smallville. Terrible quality but kind of cool nonetheless. Obviously, it’s potential spoiler material.

One of the actors who was up for the lead in Man of Steel is True Blood actor Joe Manganiello and in an interview with Digital Spy, he talked a bit about the casting process and how he got depressed for several months when it had to turn it down because of his commitments to True Blood. Here’s a sample:

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t… I was really, severely depressed for a few months. For a few months afterwards. Because I really thought the direction they were taking the movie and the character, I really thought I had a great idea where to take that and I was very excited and I just wanted to try out my ideas and things. But, you know, it just wasn’t meant to be.


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