Oh that Hitler, he has an opinion on anything. In the meme that never ends (via Nuke the Fridge and CBM) the German mass murderer voices his opinions on all of The Dark Knight Rises leaks including Bane’s voice and Catwoman’s mask.

In that video, Hitler mentions the early rumor that The Riddler was going to be in The Dark Knight Rises. That rumor has all but been debunked, especially when Christopher Nolan said “It won’t be the Riddler.” But, leave it to the internet to keep hope alive. Hypable (via Screenrant) supposedly found a casting sheet that lists “Edward Nygma.” It’s total bullshit, but, you’ve got to love the internet’s inability to let things die.

Local Cleveland news station News Net 5 (via CBM) reports from the Cleveland set of The Avengers. Nothing ground breaking here but they do a good job at covering what’s going on and showing how the locals are reacting to it.

[No photo]

Comic Book Movie has a bunch of photos from the above Cleveland set of The Avengers. Mass destruction ensues. This is just one example.

Staying on The Avengers, Kotaku (via CBM) reports that THQ has reportedly cancelled plans to make a video game based on the Marvel superhero team up.

[No photo]

Bane is on the jumbotron! CBM got a bunch of addition photos from the Heinz Field Dark Knight Rises shoot this weekend including the Tumblers that were there and Tom Hardy joking around, as Bane, on the jumbotron.

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