GCPD from Andrew Blankenship on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Andrew Blankenship has made a very cool fan film called GCPD, a Batman influenced fan film that goes one way, then gets flipped on its head. Nice job, sir.

According to that tweet (via CBM) the Hellcarrier from The Avengers will appear in Iron Man 3, says the guy just reiterating what you just read. Obviously take it with a grain of salt, the guys has like 12 followers.

Entertainment Weekly helps Warner Bros and DC start their eventual Flash movie with five important lessons they can learn from the failure of Green Lantern.


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SPOILER! The above image shows Marion Cotillard walking around with armed guards on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Badass Digest believes this could confirm the fact that her rumored character, Talia Al Ghul, is the ultimate baddy in the movie.

Yesterday, What Culture did a list of the 10 Things That’ll Happen in The Dark Knight Rises. They’ve followed that up with the inevitable 10 Things That Won’t Happen in The Dark Knight Rises. This list – including Prince soundtrack and Bat nipples – is a bit more obvious.

The superhero porno parody had its renaissance this summer with all the Hollywood superhero films released. Here’s the latest one (via Nerd Bastards) making fun of Captain America: The First Avenger.

We all heard that Warner Bros. hopes to make a second Green Lantern “darker and edgier,” a statement that got many fans very upset. Movieline came up with 9 ways Warner Bros. can actually make that statement true.

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