CNet (via posted this scientific video that kind of looks like Venom in Spider-Man.

What does Mark Millar think of Batman vs. Superman, X-Force and more? Total Film has a great interview.

Cool video on the evolution of the Batman film via Reddit.

Batman and Superman get together in the comic books a lot. Film Drunk has 25 possible stories that could work for the movie.

Wolverine Heal

DSL has a very cool infographic called “What If Wolverine Couldn’t Heal?” which goes through all of his injuries through the films. This is just a piece.

Cinemablend reports on a real-life Kick-Ass, who was arrested for trying to kick-ass.

Jesse Lonergan - Dancing Superman

Jesse Lonergan has a Tumblr where he just draws superheroes dancing. Awesome. Thanks to /Film reader John A.

If Russell Crowe had been cast as Wolverine, he wanted him to be bald.

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