Rocket Raccoon Custom

NoodleChow (via ToyCutter) made this awesome Rocket Raccoon custom figure.

IO9 posed the question, “If DC and Marvel switched places, what kind of movies would DC be making now?”

ScreenJunkies (via Gamma Squad) posted this video of superhero movies saying their names. has the full history of Batman vs. Superman as a concept.

Dark Knight Returns 2 art

This original cover for The Dark Knight Returns #2 went for almost $500,000 at auction.

The leading man in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is hanging up his tights soon. He reflects on the role with MTV.

Tony Stark Work shirt

We Love Fine has a cool new series of superhero shirts that look like work shirts. Here’s Tony Stark.

Film School Rejects tells Hollywood how they’re ruining serious superhero movies.

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