Check out this awesome Blu-ray cover art for Matthew Vaughn‘s X-Men First Class. Crave Online not only premiered that but some details on the discs.

MTV spoke to Jon Favreau on the Montana press junket for Cowboys & Aliens and got him to dish about his current role as a producer on The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises needs more extras! Think you can play either a “victim” or “perpetrator” “within a city besieged by crime and corruption?” Then head to SWD Casting (Via CBM) to read more.

Nailbiter111 on ComicBookMovie took the HD Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer and did some photoshopping to pull out the face of Tom Hardy as Bane. You can get some alternate looks at the link.

Ever listen to the song Raise Your Glass by Pink and hear the line “Why so serious?” and think of The Dark Knight? So have Cosplay Fever (via The Daily What), who did a new music video of the song filled with cosplayers. Kind of cool.

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer ,along with one for The Avengers, has leaked online. We’ll post them when there are better versions, but figured you’d like to be given a heads up.

In Contention alerted us to this cool remake of The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer (already??) in animated form.

Captain America and Comic Con happening at the same time can only mean one thing. Captain America Cosplay. Gamma Squad has got some photos to get you ready.

Marvel and Disney are teaming up on a John Carter prequel comic book called John Carter: World of Mars. That’s the cover art above. Read more about it at Comic Book Resources.

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