Francesco Mattina - Iron Man

Artist Francesco Mattina did some great work for Marvel’s War of Heroes. Thanks to CBM.

How do you simulate flying while wearing a Superman costume? This Gif has the answer.

Comic Book Movie debuted some new images from StudioADI (Amalgamated Dynamics) behind the scenes of Spider-Man.

In the New York Times interview posted a few days back, Christopher Nolan explained how Watchmen made Zack Snyder perfect for Man of Steel:

It’s ironic but it’s a very productive irony. You’re dealing with a filmmaker who has deconstructed this mythology and now has to reconstruct it. That’s a fascinating challenge for him… [Zack has an] innate aptitude for dealing with superheroes as real characters. That was what a new approach to Superman required. He understands the power of iconic images, but he also understands the people behind them.


I don’t generally like to post cosplay, but this guy is all of The Avengers at one. Pretty funny.

There’s a Kickstarter for a Marvel Superhero short film based on Nick Cage.


Warby Parker is selling high-end glasses frames based on Man of Steel. Via Uncrate.

IO9 writes about Geoff Johns leaving Green Lantern.

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