Here’s an NBC video of filming on Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Washington DC.

Avengers Cats

Artist Jenny Parks reimagined The Avengers as cats. Thanks to IO9.

Think you know everything about The Avengers? Screenrant says you don’t.

Iron Man Nightclub Armor

ToysRevil has some closer looks at two of the Iron Man 3 armors that haven’t got much love, such as the Nightclub armor, above.

Film School Rejects imagines the epic Nineties superhero team up movie we’ll never get.

/Film reader Sam R emailed us his above short film, Quarter Past the Lobster Tail, which was inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe in that it borrows characters and is set in the same world as another short film, Alabama Hot Sauce, both made at Ithaca College.

Here’s the 25th (?!?) and likely final Iron Man 3 TV spot urging you to see it again!

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