Upper Deck Iron Man 3

Comic Book Movie has a post filled with limited edition Upper Deck Iron Man 3 cards, including ones with pieces of costumes.

Collider spoke to Michael Shannon about Zod in Man of Steel, confirming his suit was totally CGI and that he was impressed by the script:

I thought the whole script was just very sophisticated for the genre that it is. It was as sophisticated as scripts for other movies I’ve done that have been considered more highfalutin, or whatever. It has a lot of deep themes in it, and the way they deal with Kal-El’s journey is really fascinating.

Iron Man 3 premiere

Wednesday night was the Iron Man 3 premiere in Hollywood, and CBM has a ton of images of all the Marvel stars from this film and others.

Cool list at Superhero Hype of 9 superhero films that almost happened.

Here’s a featurette about the Extremis technology in Iron Man 3 from IGN.

/Film reader Michael H contacted us about a superhero short he’s co-directing with his school, called Masked! Read more at IndieGoGo.

Norman Osborn Apartment

Comic Book Movie posted this exclusive image of Norman Osborn’s apartment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

A Hot Toys version of the Mandarin is coming soon.

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