Here’s the first clip from Superman: Unbound.

Superhero Hype drops some details about the new Wolverine trailer.

Man of Steel

Warner Bros. released a new still from Man of Steel, basically a close up of a previous shot.

Joss Whedon talked to EW (via CBM) about how China might play into The Avengers 2.

Here’s the trailer for the new Iron Man 3 mobile game. Looks fun.

Deadline reports that the “creators versus DC” Superman lawsuit has resulted in a ruling that DC clearly owns Superboy.


Do Want posted a ton of images from this insane Kotobukiya Man of Steel statue, via CBM.

The Superman Facebook fan page says Wal-Mart will sell tickets to screen Man of Steel early. Read more at Comic Book Movie.

The Wolverine trailer has been sweded.

Yes, the music in the Man of Steel trailer was part of Hans Zimmer‘s new score. Thanks to VI Control forums.

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