Mark Millar tweeted this old, but rarely seen, commercial for the original Kick-Ass. The second movie is out this year and he’s working on the comic for Kick-Ass 3.

SPOILERS! This link to Costume Craze (via Comic Book Movie) has detailed views of the costumes worn by General Zod and Faora in Man of Steel.

Iron Man 3 book stills

CBM got some new stills from Iron Man 3, found in a children’s retelling of the story. Minor spoilers at the link.

Rejoice! On Location Vacations reports Captain America: The Winter Soldier has started production.

Zod Toy Packaging

An eBay user (via CBM) is selling some Man of Steel toys and, on the back, you can read the origins of Zod (above) Superman and Jor-El.

Monday, Variety fell for Bryan Singer‘s April Fools X-Men: Days of Future Past casting story.

Sick Amazing Spider-Man 2 lighting rig.

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