Batman Robin shirts

Skreened is selling these Batman/Robin friends shirts, via Fashionably Geek. has the full track listing for the Iron Man 3 score by Brian Tyler, out April 30. They also revealed the Man of Steel score will be out June 11.

IGN (via SHH) posted the new trailer for Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

Comic Book Movie posted an image of a supposed Twitter war between Samuel L. Jackson and David Hasselhoff over playing Nick Fury. Looks like April Fools but, it’s funny either way.

Iron Man 3 Storybook

There’s a great round up of Iron Man 3 promotional images over on Comic Book Movie including this book cover.

IGN (via CBM) talked to Dane DeHaan about his role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

I’m interested in it because I love superhero movies. The part is extremely complex and complicated. The people involved are people I really want to work with. It’s just another really great challenge. And I get to make a movie on a scale that I’ve never really made before and experience what that’s like. What I love to do is act, and what I’ve really gotten into lately is making movies. I just was to continue to do that and continue to grow. If those movies happen to have a huge built-in fanbase, that’s a great bonus I suppose.

Here’s a low-res, new Iron Man 3 commercial featuring some new footage. Via CBM.

Finally, Ain’t It Cool News ran a huge, major spoiler for Man of Steel, regarding a character that might pop up.

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