Romita Millar Kick Ass 2

IFC posted images of co-creators of Kick-Ass, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. making cameos in Kick-Ass 2.

Click here to see a GIF gallery of Robert Downey Jr. having his chest prepared to get the CG Arc-Reactor placed within, in Iron Man.

Hilarious video by PistolShrimps replacing Batman in famous movie scenes.

Marvel is preparing a live arena show complete with superheroes in a circus setting.

As Superhero Bits was away, Marc Webb continued to tweet about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Lots of great stuff there. Example 1? Confirmation the Ravencroft Institue for the Criminally Insane in is the film.

Talking to (via Coming Soon) Kevin Feige had A LOT to say about the Pepper Potts role in Iron Man 3 and where she could end up going forward. Great read.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Example 2: This Oscorp crate that hints at some kind of captivity.

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