Comic Book Movie has scrounged up this very cool promo image for Cowboys & Aliens, the release of which is a few short weeks away, on July 29.

I Am Rogue spoke to Attack the Block director Joe Cornish recently and the topic of Ant Man came up. Here’s the minor update:

‘Yeah, Ant-Man is still going,’ confirmed Cornish. ‘Edgar and I were writing on it only the day before yesterday,’ he admitted. I followed up by asking if they were doing a lot of rewriting on the script. ‘Yeah, we’re just drafting and drafting,’ he said. Finally, with Wright’s busy schedule, I wanted to find out if Cornish thought that Edgar would still end up directing the movie. ‘Yes,’ Cornish answered. ‘I’m just a humble writer on that one,’ he said in closing.

The above poster has begun popping up to advertise Captain America: The First Avenger and Comic Book Movie posted the image. Thoughts on this versus the official poster?

Modern Myth Media is running a rumor that a “source close to Warner Bros.” says a Wonder Woman film is still in development aimed at 2013. Anything is possible, I guess.

[No photo]

Last week, we ran a Dark Knight Rises set photo of what appeared to be a cut up plane for an elaborate action scene. Now, thanks to photographer Andrew Murray (via Comic Book Movie) we have what looks to be full glimpse of the plane.

[No photo]

Want more Dark Knight Rises set photos? Of course you do! Check out these from Andrew Smith who posted not only the above shot, but several others including an almost spy movie account of how he got them. Head over to his site to read all about it and see more photos.

ABC Family (via CBM) was on the set of Captain America: The First Avenger and in this tease of a video, you get to see some behind the scenes footage.

Paramount (via The Chris Evans Blog) have posted more promo pictures from Captain America: The First Avenger including this very cool image of Cap dressed in the suit under a trench coat.

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