Anthony Mackie spoke to MTV about his work and costume on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

ScreenCrave (via CBM) spoke to Ryan Gosling about whether or not he’d play a superhero. He seemed open to Flash but said the following:

Drive was my attempt at the superhero movie. I had a costume and everything. The scorpion jacket. It was like my cape. It was like the idea of a guy that had seen too many superhero movies and then decided that he was going to make himself one.

VoicesFromKrypton (via CBM) has begun to chronicle the history of the DC animated series Justice League. There’s info at the link; above is a clip. Keep checking back there for more info.

In case you missed it, Entertainment Weekly’s interview with James Mangold about The Wolverine is a must read.

That Hot Toys Iron Man 2 armor set we posted a few weeks back is now up for presale. Read more at Geek Alerts.

Talking to Latino Review, Guillermo Del Toro revealed no one wants to pay for his Hellboy 3 vision:

A couple of weeks ago or months ago, I did make a couple of phone calls to test, to gage the possibility of doing that because it’s a big movie. There’s no takers for a movie of that size. The two movies made their money back and a little bit. They were financially good, but one was fifty and the other one was eighty, eighty five. This is a hundred and forty. So no one wants to do that leap, from the financial side. So unless we find a way to do the mother of all kick starters.

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