Planet Pulp artists are doing Tim Burton characters this month, such as Joker by Jayson Weidel.

The Wrap reports the decision to release The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises at the same time in China hurt the box office of each.

Hellboy just lends himself to being a cake pop, would you agree?

Armie Hammer spoke to Empire (via CBM) and compared his take on The Lone Ranger to Batman or Spider-Man.

Nerd Ache Cakes (via Nerdalicious) posted a bunch of Batman villain cookies and this awesome Bane one is the simplest.

Paul Thomas Anderson was speaking in Australia (via C & RV) and revealed he loves Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series:

I’m a huge fan of ‘The Dark Knight’ series, what Chris Nolan did was to combine the highest level of artistry with great commercial success, it’s what everyone dreams for, what he did with those films is truly amazing.

I’m sure this has been out there for a while, but Rob Liefeld recently tweeted it and made me laugh.

The Daily Telegraph (via CBM) posted a bunch of images from the set of The Wolverine featuring ninjas. Bad ass.

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