Superhero Hype posted some new set photos from The Wolverine.

John August reiterated to Dread Central (via CBM) that Preacher is ready to go:

Preacher could be filmed, at any point. It’s sort of ready to go, but it’s lacking a green light. At some point, that green light might come, but it may never come.

Iron Head Studio (via CBM) posted some cool images of armor in The Avengers, such as Thanos’ helmet.

Christopher Eccleston (via CBM) confirmed Thor: The Dark World would soon be shooting in Iceland.

Comic Book Movie has begun to delve deep into the second screen experience with the Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray, which includes alternative looks at Lizard and the Spider-Man costume like the above webshooters. (Also the image on page one)

Christina Hendricks would still love to appear in a Wonder Woman film, just maybe not as the lead.

More Amazing Spider-Man behind the scenes at this link.

Geek Alerts has a Spider-Man ice cube tray that I may or may not have posted before.

Seven predictions for the future of the comic book film.

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