UniqueDaily posted this Justin Bieber inspired Batman music video.

Like Cool posted a Spider-Man body paint photo that’s so sexy, I feel almost sexist posting it. So I’ll just link.

Nicholas Silberfaden did a series of sad cosplay photos as an art experiment. Thanks to Sad and Useless via Fashionably Geek.

Shock Till You Drop asked Drew Goddard if he might join his friend and co-writer Joss Whedon in the Marvel Universe:

What Marvel character would I not love to get on?  That’s an easier question to answer.  I would love any of it and I love Marvel, Joss and what they’re doing.  It’s all about finding the right fit.  Directing…in order to do your job right, you have to find ways to make it personal, and if we can find the right fit, then I would love to do it.

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s article, Scott C revealed this Hellboy inspired showdown.

Rumored Marvel insider @RogerWardell posted a few gems. Here’s the best one, alluding to a possible Phase 2 connection:

Something that was very overlooked in The Avengers, but is still of great importance is that Tony Stark has access to Thor’s DNA.

Anthony Mackie talked to MTV about joining the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Mackie also talked to MTV about his character possible being a role model.

Decent fan made poster for The Wolverine over on Reddit.

Cosmic Book News is “confirming” that Thanos will appear in The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Their source is reportedly Jim Starlin, creator of the character, but it’s doubtful Marvel will be happy with his reveal if its true. However, Cine Premiere talked to Louis D’Esposito who definitely alluded to that happening.

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