Old school Marvel ad, still kind of pertinent, via Nerdcore.

Clark Gregg talked to Movies.com about possibly coming back for another Marvel movie, whether its at The Vision or a writer director:

I don’t know if we’ll see Agent Coulson again, but I certainly do his voice in their animated series, The Ultimate Spider-Man, and you never know, there may be a flashback or something sometime. I really hit it off with those guys [at Marvel], and I’ve talked to them lately about some ways I can continue to work with them, perhaps as a writer or director.

Superhero Hype revealed this new art for an upcoming DVD release of the classic Shazam TV show.

Did you know there’s a major lawsuit surrounding the hit TV show Smallville? Deadline has the details.

Badass Digest posted this funny, mean, but truthful cartoon review of The Dark Knight Rises by artist Tokyosexwhale. Head here to see the full thing.

Mark Millar took to his forums (via CBM) to talk about Jim Carrey‘s casting in Kick-Ass 2:

Nic is really good friends with Jim Carrey and it’s well known to everyone that Jim loved the first movie. In fact, I think he had lunch with Vaughn the day before that Conan O’Brien kick-Ass/ Superman duet. So we’ve been talking very informally about this for a little over two years now. We didn’t quite know what Jim was going to be doing in the sequel, but the entire team loves him to bits and I’ve been a fan since I first saw him. I remember reading an interview with Spielberg, a great one back in Empire for a JAws anniversary, where he was saying that Jim would be his choice for Chief Brodie were he shooting Jaws now. He said he could see the brilliant dramatic range Jim had as well as the comedy people knew him for at that time. For all these reasons, combined with the conversation we had with him on the phone, I’m so genuinely excited about this. I can’t wait to see what he does once the cameras are on.

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