Screenrant posted this funny meme blending Hulk, 50 Shades of Grey and Deadpool. posted this cool Iron Man/Mighty Morphin Power Ranger mash-up.

ForeverGeek discusses the expectations and possibilities of Man of Steel.

Why is a young Stan Lee posing naked? Read the story here via A much older version did a great interview with Comic Book Resources too.

Ed Brubaker talks to Comic Book Resources about why he’s leaving Marvel. And Judd Winick is leaving Nightwing at DC via Newsarama.

Wal-Mart will have an exclusive Avengers graphic novel with the Blu-ray, out next month. Thanks to SHH.

Moloch, a minor character in the Watchmen universe, is getting his own Before Watchmen comic book. Read more at SHH.

Clever Gif of how Batman should have defeated Bane via Screenrant.

The Miranda Tate/Bane relationship in The Dark Knight Rises is examined by What Culture.

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