Ultra Culture has the most controversial Dark Knight Rises review yet: The Pizza Hut review! Funny stuff.

Who does Bane sound like? CriticWire has several humorous comparisons.

The Wolverine is now shooting and an Australian news show (via Superhero Hype) has the above video from the set.

ksitetv.com (via Superhero Hype) confirmed that Deadshot will end up appearing on The CW’s Arrow.

Sideshow Collectibles is taking preorders on this bad ass Hulk Maquette.

HitFix has a gallery of images they hoped would have been in the Man of Steel teaser trailer.

MTV Geek revealed this new look at Captain America in the Marvel NOW universe.

Geeks of Doom lists five villains that deserve the Christopher Nolan treatment.

I love this. Best Geek Blog Ever posted nine superheroes who would be banned from the Olympics. Simple, but effective.

IMAX executives say The Dark Knight Rises is meeting their expectations.

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