Lego Cuuso (via Gizmodo) posted photos of a custom, fully poseable Lego Batman.

The Hollywood Reporter says a new issue of the Batman Inc. comic book has been delayed due to parallels with the Colorado shooting.

Love this Young Justice Robin Hoodie at Deviant Art via Fashionably Geek.

Geeks of Doom has a write up on the evolution of Batman in pop culture.

filmsketchr (via Comic Book Movie) has a whole bunch of interesting costume designs for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Note: The last video is really, really distasteful so a warning in advance.

If you have a very dark sense of humor, this “leaked” ending to The Dark Knight Rises will likely make you cringe, then laugh at its absurdity. Made to look like a theatrical bootleg, it shows Bane killing Batman and taking some NSFW liberties with his body. I’m posting it because, it’s so absurd and crazy, it made me laugh. But make no mistake. This is really messed up. I recommend skimming and not watching all the way through, but the end is priceless.


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