Christopher Nolan talks to MTV about the consequences felt in The Dark Knight Rises.

Dredd screenwriter Alex Garland spoke at a recent Q&A and said the film was conceived as something of a trilogy. Thanks to Bleeding Cool.

“Son of Odin vs. Son of Coul” by ninjaink at We Love Fine via Shirtoid.

Superhero Hype has an epic tome on how DC Entertainment can catch up to Marvel Studios.

Take a tour of the DC office courtesy of G4.

The Sun (via Comic Book Movie) has an article about Scarlett Johansson‘s upcoming Avengers 2 salary ($13 million they think) and surmises it’ll start shooting next year.

This Dark Knight Returns Batman action figure is a custom job by grungethemovie via Toy Cutter.

Hollywood has made so many different kinds of superhero movies, but Gamma Squad has five types they haven’t done yet.

Oh boy I wish I could afford this, but I don’t have $200,000 laying around. But if you do, you can buy Todd McFarlane‘s original artwork for Spider-Man #1. Read more at Hollywood Reporter.

This is always a fun article. All the Spider-Man movies that almost were made but weren’t. MovieFone wrote it up this time.

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