Spider-Man has a less impressive hidden talent. Pretty funny stuff from Fat Awesome via Reddit.

Mashable has a nice little write up on how Peter Parker loves to Bing in The Amazing Spider-Man.

We’ve seen Adam West in The Dark Knight but now, he will Rise. Thanks to Twitchfilm.

As if you needed convincing, MTV has five reasons for you to see The Amazing Spider-Man.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who collects pop culture Potato Heads and now they’ll have to pick up this Dark Knight Rises one. Thanks to That’s Nerdalicious for the heads up.

There’s no word if Marc Webb will be back for The Amazing Spider-Man sequels but the campaign has begun thanks to Latino Review‘s Marvel master @Da7e on Twitter.

Need another reason to #savemarcwebb? Denis Leary did an interview with Vulture talking about one of the director’s non-blockbuster on set techniques:

Originally when I was talking to [director] Marc [Webb], because I was wondering why he was making a giant blockbuster, he was telling me about how he wanted to do all this improvisation and character study, which they almost never do in these big-budget action movies. So a lot of the stuff in the movie, we would do the scripted version once, and then five, six, seven more takes where we could play around — which, again, is unheard of in these kinds of movies.


Dear Warner Bros. Cast Valerie Perez as Wonder Woman. Thanks to Get Drunk via Fashionably Geek.

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