Comic Book Movie has posted another massive gallery of Avengers concept and storyboard art such as this image by Adi Granov.

Ryan Reynolds revealed to CBM that R.I.P.D. just finished filming last week and that he’s very excited about it:

It’s unlike any other movie I’ve ever seen. The movie’s palette is just incredible and the scope of it is amazing. It’s nice to see a budget like that being used in a really practical way.

Rich guys Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark fight in this great drawing by 9Gag user xxlionesxx via Nerd Approved.

Deadline reports on musicians picketing Marvel Studios because they didn’t use American musicians to score the film.

Polish designers re:design created all the comic book heroes, villains and more like they were bathroom icons. Head to LikeCool  to see them all, this is just a small sliver.

The Avengers is now the #3 movie of all time and the #1 movie of all time not directed by James Cameron.

Monkey and Apple (via Topless Robot) have created this funny and NSFW Tony Stark intervention video.

A few weeks back, we ran some stunning images of a Wonder Woman cosplay made in hopes of getting a film made. The IndieGoGo page for that movie is now up. Head there to look at the images again and donate, if you’d like.

As a huge Zelda fan as well as Marvel fan, this shirt made me very happy. Buy it over on Red Bubble via Shirtoid.

Sideshow Collectibles (via Cool Toy Review) tease a new Hawkeye Premium Format Figure.

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