The on-screen Mr. Fantastic, Ioan Gruffudd, did an interview with the Digital Spy, which was then excerpted by Comic Book Movie, discussing the rumored Fantastic Four reboot, Chris Evans as Captain America and more. Here’s one example:

I’m trying to put my finger on what happened [with Fantastic Four]. It seems to me, that Marvel as a studio are now making their own stuff and having great success with it. I think two of the franchises, Fantastic Four is owned by Fox and Spiderman by Sony – so that’s why Sony, I guess – are trying to get as much bang for their buck [by rebooting], because they still have the franchise. I suppose the same idea that Fox had with ours and the possibility of appealing to an older audience, maybe they wanted to rebrand, repackage and make it darker than it was originally. Originally it was a much lighter version.

Stan Lee has teamed with NBC Universal to spread The Guardian Project into various media, according to Variety. It’s a superhero series featuring different characters for each of the 30 NHL teams. That’s the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins character above.

Has Zack Snyder fallen out of favor with Warner Bros.? That’s the question posed by Twitchfilm as they analyze an article by Variety about the Russell Crowe Man of Steel casting. It’s an interesting take, but I think they’re looking too much into it.

What are the best Green Lantern stories out there? MTV Geek News has ranked their top ten and Rebirth, above, is #10. Be warned, some of the images are spoilery if you don’t want to know about the Green Lantern character before the movie.

Visa Signature is holding a contest where you can vote on what city you’d like Paramount and Marvel to bring an early VIP screening of Captain America: The First Avenger. Of course, New York is currently leading, but that’s no fun.

One of the most anticipated upcoming games is Batman Arkham City, the sequel to Arkham Asylum, and that above is the new cover art thanks to Superhero Hype. Thoughts?

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