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We reported on it yesterday, but it was just in passing, so we figured we’d mention again. Though Russell Crowe won the role of Jor-El, The Hollywood Reporter said that both Sean Penn and Clive Owen were considered for the role.

If there was any doubt that Batman Live was gonna look good, put those thoughts to bed. Check out this look at the Batmobile from the live show, thanks Superhero Hype. They have more photos from the event there too.

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Want to get your significant other to see Green Lantern but don’t want to explain the whole thing to them? Let the stars of the film themselves do it in the video above put together by MTV.

“The Star-Spangled Man (With a Plan)” is a brand new song by Alan Menken and David Zippel that’ll be featured in Captain America: The First Avenger. Here’s what Zippel told about the song:

It’s a montage, and it’s before he’s actually Captain America, [He’s] in the process of becoming him. It shows him in these war bond presentations around the country over a series of time. It’s very period, and Alan and I had a really good time doing it. It’s sort of the Army band [and] a USO group singing.

LA Times Hero Complex writer Geoff Boucher had this to say about Marvel and Comic Con: “The reports that Marvel is “sitting out” Comic-Con are incorrect.” Awesome.

One of the cool superhero games at E3 last week was Gotham City Imposters, a sort of Batman spin-off that’ll be downloadable. Forever Geek has a nice gallery of images from the game and the above trailer. Very cool.

Holy crap this made me laugh. That’s the first frame of a quick Green Lantern comic strip by Curt Franklin and artist Chris Haley over on Comics Alliance in which they describe the history of the franchise. Fantastic stuff.

Powers, the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, about police detectives that investigate superheros will shoot it’s first pilot episode for FX in a few weeks. Bendis said this when talking to Newsarama:

It’s very, very exciting. We’re designing, we have costumes, we have sets. It’s really underway. It’s not one of those bullsh*t announcements you’ll have to sit through all the time, trying to figure out if it’s real.

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