/Film reader Patrick G pointed us to this link which has a huge, hi-res look at Hulk. How big? I’ve cropped just the eyes above.

HitFix spoke to Edward Norton who admitted he has yet to see The Avengers. It’s an interesting piece.

Best Geek Blog Ever has three new clips from Superman vs. The Elite, such as the one above.

Suicide Girls picks what they think are the five greatest major storylines in comic book history.

ToysRevil posted a few behind the scenes photos of the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII.

A few of the fine folks at AMC Theaters discuss whether or not Joss Whedon should be back for The Avengers 2.

How much are The Avengers actually worth? Entertainment Weekly has a few polls trying to figure it out.

Lifehacker has the directions to make the above Avengers desktop for a Ubuntu system, based on the image by DKNG.

This video of Tony Stark creating his Iron Man costume on an old Mac is really funny. It’s from Matt’s Macintosh (via Gizmodo).

Reddit has a funny idea for an Avengers drinking game based around drinking every time the characters say “But ummm.”

Dave Ault (via Geekologie) has created a cool collection of superhero travel posters.

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