An Avengers video game? Not really. The Warp Zone has a little fun with the concept.

Case Mate has some iPhone cases themed on The Avengers.

Very cool Stained Glass Iron Man from Deviant Artist McClane’s Memories (via Gizmodo).

More Dark Knight Rises trailer discussion and dissection? The Sports Hero digs deep.

The Avengers meet The Hangover in this short trailer found on Vulture.

Awards Daily has a fun story about how The Dark Knight wasn’t the first time the Oscars snubbed Christopher Nolan. Memento happened too.

Deviant Artists JJ Kirby and Jon Bolerjack did some comic book/Star Wars Clone Trooper mashups via Geek Alerts.

The Hollywood Reporter does their best to explain where The Avengers are in comic book form right now.

Joss Whedon did a cool interview with MTV talking about the final action scene in The Avengers.

Which character had the most screentime in The Avengers? Take your bets then head to Vulture for the minute by minute breakdown.

Cool Bane t-shirt design by Mr. Nicolo. It came in Fourth in the Design by Humans Dark Knight Rises contest. Via Shirtoid.

Though Dark Shadows was supposed to take over IMAX screens this weekend, The Avengers will remain according to Variety.

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