(via Buzzfeed) has a gallery of these cool Batman Begins ads that were placed in the wild in New Zealand.

The Playlist has a hard to argue list of what worked, and what didn’t, in The Avengers.

This Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man “cosbaby” is pretty awesome. Read more at Cool Toy Review.

PalBlog points out what isn’t exactly an easter egg, just a cool comic moment, in The Avengers.

MTV got together a few people to do a commentary on The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, What Culture has the five essential Bane storylines you should read before the film.

Cool Smurfs/Silver Surfer Mashup shirt from Shirtoid (via Fashionably Geek).

MTV picks out the five key scenes as they see them in the Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Drawsome Drawings (via Geeks Are Sexy) features a bunch of Batman themed Draw Something images.

IO9 has an interview with James Robinson, the writer of Earth Two, a comic with an alternative DC universe where all the superheroes are novices.

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