Here’s David Finch‘s cover for a new issue of Dark Knight via Facebook.

The LA Times spoke to Damon Lindelof about why he loves Spider-Man so much. Here’s one quote:

Seriously, who doesn’t like Spider-Man? Tell me who that person is so I can punch them. Why is he so special? There are so many reasons.

Action Figure Insider posted a cool gallery of Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates.

The Sports Hero has done a little digging into the Bat Cave in The Dark Knight Rises.

Cool Iron Man/Stormtrooper Cosplay by Sithcamaro from Obvious Winner (via FG).

Topless Robot has a list of when good guys go bad in comic books.

The Flying Scottsman (via Nerd Approved) found the real Silver Surfer, via Google.

Film News (via CBM) spoke to Tim Burton about working with Michelle Pfeiffer again on Dark Shadows after Batman Returns:

It brought back how much I enjoyed working with her. Her Catwoman was one of my favorite performances in any movie I’d worked on. I remember how she impressed me by letting a live bird fly out of her mouth.

Cool Amazing Spider-Man 3D GIF thanks to Comic Book Movie.

The final image could probably be considered by some to be NSFW so figured it would garner a warning. There’s no nudity, it’s just Wonder Woman lingerie but, fair warning.




Socially Stealth (via Fashionably Geek) is taking pre-orders for this Wonder Woman lingerie. Model not included.

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