Gizmodo reports the new DC Comics website will have a bunch of exclusive Before Watchmen content.

The new DC site (via CBM) also has this new blurb on Man of Steel.

Superman takes to the skies once more as acclaimed actor Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Immortals) dons the suit, cape and S-shield of the MAN OF STEEL. With an all-star cast that includes Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as John and Martha Kent, Clark’s earthbound parents; Oscar® winner Russell Crowe as Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El; The Fighter’s Amy Adams as intrepid Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane; The Matrix’s Laurence Fishburne as editor Perry White; and Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon as Superman’s otherworldly archenemy General Zod, populations from Smallville to Metropolis are psyched for Superman. With the directorial stylings of 300’s Zack Snyder and the superheroic production team behind Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the sky’s the limit for the last son of Krypton!

Here’s the latest video of Toronto Batman. Thanks to Topless Robot.

You’ve seen Wonder Woman soup (a few columns back) and now here are Batman Black Beans. Thanks to COTC via That’s Nerdalicious.

The Comics Journal (via Gamma Squad) says the new Batman: Year One trade paperback was badly compromised.

This is by far the best Iron Man cosplay ever (from Reddit via Fashionably Geek).

Normally this would get its own post, but its not in English. It’s a German Avengers trailer with some new footage at :56 and 2:11. Comic Book Movie has the translations.

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