I think the superhero cake thing ends here. This is magnificent. And probably delicious! More info at Between the Pages.

Hawkeye doesn’t really feel like part of The Avengers, Jeremy Renner tells Entertainment Weekly:

I’m on such the periphery. By nature of being a sniper on top of a building, the behavior of a sniper is a loner. He gets a call and comes and does his thing.

Bleeding Cool noticed iBooks has updated with a bunch of new graphic novels.

Scarlett Johannson spoke to EWabout her character’s sex appeal in The Avengers:

Part of what makes her sexy is she takes no prisoners. You wouldn’t grab her for a big old bear hug.

This piece of art, Nick Fury’s Boy Band, was created by Berry Presh. And it rules. Thanks to Geek Tyrant.

Gamma Squad has come up with a list of superheroes who they think will never have great movies, but Hollywood will never give up on.

Several notable actors, such as Nathan Fillion, appear in the latest, superhero themed version of The Daly Show. Thanks to Superhero Hype.

Photoshop helps this Wasp cosplay by Riki LeCotey, but she helps it too. Thanks to Best of via FG.

The Geek Twins goes back to the source to remind us how different the original Hulk was to the way we expect him now.

Marvel Avengers Alliance, an online RPG via Facebook, is now live for everyone. Play it here.

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