CBM points us to a lo-res version of a TV commercial for Ultimate Spider-Man.

Artist Funk-X (via CBM) created this cool fan image featuring characters from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man.

Movieline has an exclusive excerpt from the book Development Hell by David Hughes, with details about the once expected Batman vs. Superman movie. It’s awesome and fascination. Here’s a tiny taste:

The story begins five years into Bruce Wayne’s life post-Batman, having put his costume back into the closet following the death of Robin. He has settled down, married a woman named Elizabeth, and is happier than ever. Over in Metropolis, however, Superman has not been so lucky in love, having been dumped by Lois Lane due to the myriad difficulties of being Clark Kent’s girlfriend. When The Joker, previously thought dead, kills Elizabeth with a poison dart, Bruce takes it hard. First, he blames Superman, because the Man of Steel saved The Joker from a fatal beating just before the murder; second, he resumes the mantle of Batman — not, this time, under any pretense of metering out justice, but for the sheer cathartic pleasure of beating up bad guys.

More Amazing Spider-Man video game news, here’s a cool shot of Rhino in the game via IGN.

This final bit is not a visual, but a small auditory spoiler so be aware…

If you jump to 3:50 in this interview from Toy Fair, this Marvel employee drops a new name for the villains in The Avengers. It’s not the Skrulls. Head to CBM to read more about them.

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