Nick Fury is becoming a Hot Toys creation. Head to Facebook (via CBM) for more images.

In an interview with The Playlist, McG said Robert Downey Jr. would have played Lex Luthor in his Superman film.

Spidey goes to the circus courtesy of Sean Ellery at Cool Vibe.

The Sports Hero has another in depth, hypothetical discussion about The Dark Knight Rises. This time he surmises killing Batman would be the best way for Christopher Nolan to end his trilogy.

This is a few years old but The Daily What posted it again and maybe it’s new to you. It’s a bad ass Iron Man cosplay from Anthony Le.

The Amazing Spider-Man viral is in full effect and MTV Splashpage has your survival guide.

Supergirl coplayer catching some rays. Thanks to Eurobeat Kasumi Photography via Geeks Are Sexy.

4thLetter (via Comics Alliance) tells a very interesting story about a piracy leak in regards to digital Marvel Comics.

Big Bad Toy Store has preorders for Superman and Wonder Woman Mr. Potato Heads. CBM has images of an even cooler looking The Amazing Spider-Man Potato Head.

Cinemablend gives Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance a fairly low score on the 3D scale.

Batman as a moose because you were curious. Thanks to UniqueDaily.

Blastr lists seven Stan Lee characters that should have comic book movies already such as Black Panther and Dr. Strange.

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