Cool Scarecrow/Riddler Cosplay from Deviant Art (via Superheroes)

IFC lists what they think are the 10 coolest vehicles in comic movies ever. Do you agree?

The Athletic Nerd thinks this is one of the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quotes of all time. They’ve even done a top ten. Agree?

Cinema Blend think there are at least six superhero who deserved a sequel before Ghost Rider.

/Film reader Nick M alerted us to this great video his friend made reimagining The Dark Knight trilogy through the eyes of The Prestige.

Pajiba has an amusing theory that William Shatner is, in fact, a superhero.

Check out the new trailer for Amazing Spider-Man video game via CBM. has done a little research into the real science behind The Amazing Spider-Man‘s webs.

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