Here’s a look at the cover of Batman Incorporated #1 from DC Comics (via Comic Book Movie).

Mark Millar isn’t a fan of Beyond Watchmen. Here’s a quote from Slice of Sci-Fi:

The books might be good, they might not. But I sort of feel like if I want to read Watchmen, I’ll read the original one. To me it feels unnecessary, and I’m saying this as a guy who wroteSuperman, and Captain America, and The Ultimates. So we all do it I guess….I love [Alan] Moore and I love Watchmen. My curiosity isn’t so much that I’d pick it up. But I don’t blame the guys for doing it. I guess we’re all guilty of it in comics, but that’s what’s nice about creator owns. It feels a bit more honest – I make it up, I get the money, and nobody comes to take it off me.

Shit Batman Says, this time with action figures! Thanks to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy.

Smallville is coming back for season 11 this April. In comic book form. Head to Superhero Hype for more information.

You so rarely see Daredevil fan art, but this piece by Rafael Grampa rules. And it’s not even his best work. Head to Furry Water (via Geek Tyrant) for more.

David Ramsey joins the Green Arrow pilot, Arrow, according to Variety.

Comic Book Movie thinks the above Hawkeye frame from The Avengers trailer is a lift from a comic book. Head there to see the side by side.

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