Disguise (via CBM) has posted images of very detailed adult and child costumes from The Avengers. I chose the one above because it was the funniest but all the characters are at those links.

Brian Michael Bendis spoke to Comic Book Resources about the Powers pilot, what worked, what didn’t and the latest. Here’s a taste:

The good news was that the pilot was put together. I’ve seen it and it’s not embarrassing on any level. It’s very interesting, dense, and complicated like every FX show is. We were tested and the things that you need to continue forward we tested very well with. People liked our lead Jason Patric and the idea of the show. They said they would watch the show. So all of these things did very well. If those things didn’t do well we would have been dead. There were a couple areas that we needed to clarify for a mass audience, but they were very easy fixes. We also came up with an idea for an opening that we liked better than what we had

Bleeding Cool linked to this above video showing the difference between bindings of Marvel and DC hardcovers. It’s a little overly nerdy, but that’s why I like it.

The Avengers Shouldn’t Text is a Tumblr account that’s pretty damn clever. Thanks to IO9 for the heads up.

Spider-Man is soon getting a new costume in the comics. Read more at Comic Book Movie.

Cool Toy Review posted this upclose look at Mattel’s Bane figure from The Dark Knight Rises.

Not sure who the artist is behind this piece but I think it captures the inner Hulk in all of us. Thanks to screenwriter @KnauerFTW for the heads up.

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