A funny skit that pokes fun at Hollywood using Captain America via The High Definite.

Michael Fassbender spoke to IFC.com and CBM seems to think this quote hints that Charles and Erik will join forces again in X-Men First Class 2:

You know what’s interesting about Magneto and Professor X from the comic books as well, is there’s such a complexity to their relationship. It’s not just like clear-cut enemies; they’re best friends as well. In the comic books, even after they’ve had this sort of rift, Professor X asks Magneto to come back and look after the students at certain points. I think there’s always that complexity in their relationship. And we want to keep that alive as possible, because that’s I think a really interesting thing — the conflict there.

These are the best costumes ever, no? Such great detail on Captain America and Thor from Marvel‘s site.

The Dark Knight Rises was the movie that shot the most days in Los Angeles during 2011, according to Variety.

Being a fan of superheroes and cartoons and stuff is very bad according to this video (via The Daily What) which focuses on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Does every single superhero have an action figure? No, according to Topless Robot. They’ve come up with the top 15 Marvel Superheroes who don’t have action figured.

Cool Thor t-shirt via Shirtoid.

Reboots are everywhere but Gamma Squad has picked five ’90s comic book movies that could use one (and some are getting them.)

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